We are Technology Connection. An Innovative Data Center Solutions Company.

Founded in 2003, Technology Connection is a leading provider of innovative data center solutions. Our unique approach on industry standard products and services is what sets us apart in the industry, and provides our clients with a cutting edge approach on implementing current initiatives. Our specialty lies within five core service offerings: Data Center Efficiency Audit (DCEA), Data Center Efficiency Maintenance Program, Data Center Power & Energy Audit, Data Center Cleaning, and Data Center Monitoring Solutions. All of these offered services are structured in such a way to provide a client with the ability to do the following: identify inefficiencies within the data center environment, engineer customized solutions to optimize the efficiency of the environment, and finally implement the proposed solution ultimately providing our client with a turnkey experience. All of our efforts support increased efficiency across all operations of the data center space.

Technology Connection has engaged with clients from Fortune 100 down to SMB’s, all in efforts of increasing efficiency within the data center space. We service the entire USA and Canada, and have partners representing our services in the Asia Pacific. Our highly skilled professionals specialize in out-of-the-box thinking, and problem solving which helps make each engagement with Technology Connection a successful one.