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  1. Samurai Containment Case Study with CBRE

    Technology Connection was engaged by CBRE and a High Tech Fortune 50 Company to provide an energy savings solution to the data center space utilizing Virtual Containment. This project was started on Monday April 25th, 2016 and finished on Friday April 29th, 2016. The objective was to install turbulent airflow tiles with subfloor air balancers to break down thermal layers in the cold aisle which c…Read More

  2. Introducing Samurai Containment™: Non Intrusive Data Center Containment

      “The Future of Data Center Containment” Brighton, MI 48116 September 29th, 2015   The Future of Containment: Technology Connection has announced Samurai Containment™, a revolutionary form of Data Center Containment that is designed to enhance cooling and power efficiency without the need for physical structure such as curtains, walls, or doors.   The engineering behind Samu…Read More

  3. Data Center Efficiency Audits Help Improve Your Data Center’s Performance

    If you would like to improve your business’ data center efficiency, it might be a good idea to schedule a Data Center Efficiency Audit.  This audit utilizes CFD Modeling technology to provide a detailed analysis of your facility.  It will help analyze the power efficiency of your facility as well as how well your thermal load is being cooled.  The audit will give you the information and data …Read More

  4. Proper Disaster Recovery Planning Can Keep Your Business Going

    What is your plan if disaster strikes? Creating a plan for your business in the wake of a disaster is imperative to the continued health of your company. Many business put off disaster recovery planning until it is too late, and find themselves scrambling to rebuild their business after serious misfortune. Our team can help your business avoid the scramble, and develop a well-thought-out plan th…Read More

  5. How Our Data Center Services Can Help Save You Money

    Setting up a data center for your business requires a lot of technical expertise. Unfortunately, businesses may not have anyone in-house that can provide the knowledge and experience needed to set up a data center correctly. Relying solely on your IT department can lead to a data center that is poorly set up, hard to manage, and a drain on your company's resources. You want a company like Technolo…Read More

  6. Ready to Build a New Data Center? CFD Modeling Can Save You Headaches Down the Road

    You know the importance of keeping your data center equipment cool, but you probably haven't stopped to consider the cost that goes into it. Data centers spend billions of dollars each year keeping their equipment cool, and even modest data centers can run up huge energy bills. That's a drain to your bottom line, but it doesn't have to be. When you are building a data center, Technology Connection…Read More

  7. Take Advantage of Technology!

    Computers are tricky machines that don’t always work the way that you have planned. If you are like many others in the area, then you think that your computer hates you and does everything it isn’t supposed to do to make your life and career a little harder day by day. If this is hitting home for you and even some of your colleagues, then you need Technology Connection. Technology Connection i…Read More

  8. Read In-Depth About our Data Center Services

    If you’ve been thinking about looking into data center services such as CFD modeling or disaster recovery planning, we are your company! At Technology Connection, you can expect us to give you all of the data center services you have been searching high and low for. We have the experience that you can trust and the professionals that you need. What is it that you are looking for when it comes to…Read More

  9. We’ve got your Disaster Recovery Planning Covered!

    Are you searching for a way to prepare for the worst? When it comes to your computers, your software and all of your important files that are saved on the hard drives, do you know what you would do if you experienced a company wide malfunction? In the event that this does happen, Technology Connections knows exactly what you need! We have the disaster recovery planning that you can trust to put in…Read More

  10. Improving Cooling Unit Efficiency

    July 2, 2014 By Lars Strong In today’s current industry, there has been an undeniable trend towards raising computer room temperatures in the data center. However, there’s more to it than just knowing how to raise the set points. Understanding the science behind this trend of raising temperatures will help you identify opportunity for increasing capacity and reducing operating costs. There …Read More

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