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  1. Eni Launches Green Data Center

    Read full story here via HPC Wire…Read More

  2. Learn How to Extend the Life of Your Data Center

    Read the full story here via Data Center Journal…Read More

  3. Cooling Capacity Factor Reveals Stranded Capacity

    Read the full story here via Data Center Knowledge…Read More

  4. Better Airflow Improves Cooling Capacity, Cuts Operating Costs

    Read full story here via Data Center Knowledge…Read More

  5. Are You Flirting with Disaster?

    The combination of skyrocketing energy costs and the ever-increasing business demand for data and computing power have made it clear that improved data center asset management and power and cooling monitoring technologies aren’t just “nice to have”: they are vitally important solutions that are necessary for today’s businesses to thrive–or even survive. And yet adoption of automated ass…Read More

  6. Green Grid’s Data Center Power Efficiency Metrics

    The Green Grid believes that several metrics can help data centers better understand and improve the energy efficiency of their existing data centers, as well as help them make smarter decisions on new data center deployments. In addition, these metrics provide a dependable way to measure their results against comparable IT organizations. Why the need for greater efficiency? Because the data cent…Read More

  7. Wireless Sensors Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency

    As data center energy densities increase, energy savings for cooling can be achieved by applying wireless sensor network (WSN) technology and using the gathered information to efficiently manage the data center. A wireless sensor technology system is a network of sending and receiving devices that provides the data center operator with a real-time tool to observe and manage space-conditioning ener…Read More

  8. Federal Energy Management Program’s Data Center Airflow Management Retrofit

    As data center energy densities, measured in power-use per square foot, increase, energy savings for cooling can be realized by optimizing airflow pathways within the data center. Read Full Story Here Source: U.S. Department of Energy…Read More

  9. FlowLogix Delivers at Wright State University

    At Technology Connection we pride ourselves on our ability to identify each of our client’s unique needs and challenges that are presented in today’s critical IT environments. We stand behind the belief that no two data centers are alike, and in order to deliver efficient solutions in the data center there are is no one-size fits all solution that works across the board. In order to implement …Read More

  10. Better Airflow Improves Cooling Capacity, Cuts Operating Costs

    New data center environments are being designed and built to support large amounts of users. Furthermore, these infrastructures are created to handle powerful workloads capable of distributing data and information all over the world. In architecting the modern data center platform, administrators are striving to create and environment built on performance and efficiency. Part of the development pr…Read More

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