1. Samurai Containment Case Study with CBRE

    Technology Connection was engaged by CBRE and a High Tech Fortune 50 Company to provide an energy savings solution to the data center space utilizing Virtual Containment. This project was started on Monday April 25th, 2016 and finished on Friday April 29th, 2016. The objective was to install turbule…Read More

  2. Data Center Efficiency Audits Help Improve Your Data Center’s Performance

    If you would like to improve your business’ data center efficiency, it might be a good idea to schedule a Data Center Efficiency Audit.  This audit utilizes CFD Modeling technology to provide a detailed analysis of your facility.  It will help analyze the power efficiency of your facility as wel…Read More

  3. Ready to Build a New Data Center? CFD Modeling Can Save You Headaches Down the Road

    You know the importance of keeping your data center equipment cool, but you probably haven't stopped to consider the cost that goes into it. Data centers spend billions of dollars each year keeping their equipment cool, and even modest data centers can run up huge energy bills. That's a drain to you…Read More

  4. Read In-Depth About our Data Center Services

    If you’ve been thinking about looking into data center services such as CFD modeling or disaster recovery planning, we are your company! At Technology Connection, you can expect us to give you all of the data center services you have been searching high and low for. We have the experience that you…Read More

  5. Improving Cooling Unit Efficiency

    July 2, 2014 By Lars Strong In today’s current industry, there has been an undeniable trend towards raising computer room temperatures in the data center. However, there’s more to it than just knowing how to raise the set points. Understanding the science behind this trend of raising temperatu…Read More