If you would like to improve your business’ data center efficiency, it might be a good idea to schedule a Data Center Efficiency Audit.  This audit utilizes CFD Modeling technology to provide a detailed analysis of your facility.  It will help analyze the power efficiency of your facility as well as how well your thermal load is being cooled.  The audit will give you the information and data you need to improve your data center’s cooling performance.

Our data efficiency audit report is very thorough and highly detailed.  Our report will give you accurate and reliable information regarding every aspect of your data center.  Our report analyzes everything down to the floor plan for your data center facility.  It will include several temperature readings of each intake and exhaust of every computer rack.  It will also include detailed views of the above-floor air circulation.  Ultimately, our report will help you determine a multitude of other action plans that are critical for your data center.  An data center efficiency audit can help you come up with a disaster recovery plan and can also help you with virtualization planning.  It can also be helpful when you are trying to design your new build outs.

When it comes to your data center, it is imperative that you understand its inner workings.  You must be aware of how it functions on a daily basis and where any inefficiencies may lie.  Once you have identified any and all inefficiencies, you can then move forward with making the necessary changes to help improve these inefficiencies and ultimately, improve the performance of your data center.  Contact us today for more information on our Data Center Efficiency Audit!  Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.