Data center managers looking to cut costs and find efficiencies are constantly faced with the task of implementing a strong data center maintenance program. Like anything in life that requires maintenance, data centers are no different. Even for those that may have new facilities, state of the art equipment, and effective processes in place, a maintenance program is something that must be implemented in order to deliver expected results and optimize efficiency. When faced with this task, it’s important for data center managers to thoroughly understand all aspects of their situation, and to take the necessary considerations when putting together a maintenance strategy.

Technology Connection suggests these tips offering a number of considerations for creating and implementing an effective strategy:

Carefully define the goals of your maintenance program. The best way to understand whether or not a strategy is effective is to understand exactly what it is you’re aiming to accomplish.

Keep good documentation. Insufficient documentation could lead to more problems than a data center manager needs. Keeping a reference for procedures, data, and metrics, data center managers can ensure that maintenance is performed regularly according to established protocols.

Make it routine. Despite the fact not every maintenance task must be performed on a routine schedule, many should be. In these cases, data center managers must make sure the procedures are actually being followed properly and on time.

Don’t do it alone. It’s important to get help when it’s needed, and no data center manager should be tasked with implementing a strategy alone. Make sure to work closely with support teams, as they may have insights that affect data center maintenance.

Keep management in the loop. Budgets are often tight for data center managers, so it’s crucial for data center managers to keep their management teams aware of the need for routine maintenance and the necessary budget.

Create an inventory and keep it current. Identify all of the different pieces of equipment in your respective data center facility. Keeping an inventory that is updated and current can save a lot of work and headaches down the road.

Assign maintenance priorities. Some maintenance procedures are more important than others, so assigning priority to those that need it will help to create a more effective maintenance strategy.

Determine who does what. Some personnel may be more qualified than others to perform certain tasks. Identifying who is responsible for what is a helpful piece of an effective maintenance strategy.

Safety first. Data center personnel need to know what safety procedures are in place when performing maintenance activities. The last thing any data center manager needs is staff operating in an unsafe environment without the necessary rules and precautions in place.

Set standards for cleanliness. A lack of cleanliness can create a less-than-optimal environment for maintenance and employees. Airflow, hotspots, and safety hazards can arise as well.

Outsourcing is ok. On-site staff should not necessarily perform all maintenance tasks. Even though it might save money in the short-term, long-term costs could be incurred when a job isn’t done properly.

Check the specs. Understanding how all of a data center’s equipment works can help data center managers avoid problems in the future with

If you are a data center manager looking to implement a maintenance strategy and have additional questions regarding these tips please feel free to contact Technology Connection today. We are happy to discuss your current situation and what strategy is best for you.