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The Data Center Efficiency Audit utilizes the latest in CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) technology to provide an in-depth analysis of your facility as it relates to cooling the thermal load and power efficiency. This analysis report will supply you information so as to optimize the data center cooling performance as well as provide an ongoing tool to determine:

  • Future equipment population ex. Blade Servers
  • Virtualization planning
  • Additional cooling capacity
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Impact on critical servers if CRAC units fail
  • Design for future build outs
The Data Center Efficiency Audit will provide a detailed view of your data center’s cooling & power operations. Our report will include:

  • A detailed floor plan of the facility and equipment footprint
  • Temperature readings on both intake and exhaust of each computer rack (Bottom, middle, and top of rack)
  • Temperature readings at intake of each computer room air conditioner (CRAC)
  • Subfloor air velocity
  • Above-floor air circulation (Follow air from subfloor plenum through the CRAC unit) 3D views of temperature and airflow Skybox view of temperature and airflow
  • Individual rack slice views of temperature and airflow (Bottom, middle, and top)
  • PUE Efficiency
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