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The Technology Connection Data Center Efficiency Maintenance program provides an in-depth analysis of your facility and an ongoing service to maximize and maintain efficiencies  as it relates to the critical IT environment. This detailed program will supply an exhaustive look at the airflow lifecycle as well as the power chain efficiency throughout the critical environment. It will also provide the groundwork for delivering a detailed report of the data center cooling performance, airflow dynamics, and any potential issues with the cooling infrastructure in the space. This analysis and report will outline a customized data center efficiency solution that rectifies the identified issues. Once the rectification issues have been identified/resolved, we will continue to optimize and maintain efficiencies utilizing CFD technology, and monthly on site data gatherings.

  Listed below are the key components of the Data Center Efficiency Maintenance program:

  • Execute an extensive onsite airflow and efficiency audit of the data center
  • Establish a baseline CFD Model of the data center; includes an in depth analysis of the airflow and power efficiency
  • Establish current PUE baseline.
  • Virtual model depicting a customized solution to rectify any identified data center inefficiencies
  • Monthly onsite visits to update and maintain the data center efficiency
  • Monthly CFD report deliverable including ongoing recommendations to reduce costs and maximize efficiency

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