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Data center power and energy audits help provide in-depth analysis of IT facilities and critical infrastructure components as they relate to power and energy consumption in the data center. These detailed audit studies allow you and our team to gain a clearer understanding of how power and energy is being used in a your respective data center, as well as providing us extensive reports on the overall data center power performance, new in-depth detail, and any potential issues with power infrastructures in the different types of IT spaces you might find yourself working with. Most importantly, these audit analyses and reports will help us work together to outline customized power efficiency solutions that rectify all identified issues.

Data Center Power and Energy Audits will include several key components:

  • Execute an extensive onsite power and energy efficiency audit of the data center
  • Establish a baseline power model of the data center
  • Identify any power associated risks throughout the data center
  • Identify areas of potential energy inefficiencies
  • Report depicting a customized solution to rectify any identified data center power and energy inefficiencies

Technology Connection will develop and provide detailed electronic reports that include the findings, analyses, and suggested solutions and rectifications, including:

  • A detailed floor plan of the facility and equipment footprint
  • Spreadsheet documenting power consumption details throughout the data center
  • Related pictures of identified areas of focus as defined by the engagement
  • 3D power consumption imaging of the critical equipment throughout the data center
  • 3D power per rack consumption throughout the data center
  • Identified areas of inefficiencies
  • Detailed recommendations for a more efficient data center
  • Detailed return on investment for each recommended efficiency upgrade
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