Energy Sleuth™ Modeling Solution Is First to Accurately Quantify All
Energy-Consumption Sources and Display Remedial Options with Costs

— All-in-One Application Accurately Identifies All Factors that Affect Energy Consumption, Including Weak Spots; Presents Accurate ROI for Rectification Options —

BRIGHTON, MI — November 5, 2019 – Technology Connection today announced the launch of Energy Sleuth™, an all-in-one application that provides data centers and other energyconsuming installations with accurate information about the sources of energy consumption. It also provides accurate return-on-investment (ROI) calculations to establish the current state of the facility with various remediation options. The new solution is the first to employ the new
data-center energy standards and thermal guidelines developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

According to Steve Howell, the CEO of Technology Connection, “We have been serving clients with portions of this technology for years. But Energy Sleuth goes several steps farther and much deeper. It’s the first time we have merged into one solution such a vast and deep quantity of refined energy-consumption and local weather-condition data. It can include every component of the cooling equipment, all computer thermal loads, and data from a building management system
(BMS). It also can account for the impact of a building’s design characteristics and layout, and it imports historical information about weather-conditions and patterns from more than 1,000 worldwide locations. All of this information is fed into a powerful ROI analysis module that generates a readout of key information that our clients need to make fully informed, defensible, cost-effective decisions that will save them money and fit their budgets.”

Mike J. Howell, Technology Connection’s vice president of new technologies, provided additional details. “Energy Sleuth presents current costs and the ROI for remediation in a more comprehensive, detailed, and accurate fashion than traditional computational fluid-dynamic (CFD) modeling tools. Instead, it performs virtual analytical modeling — identifying and quantifying the air-flow cycle and energy-consuming components more completely than other solutions. It pulls in all of the pertinent data: chillers, pumps, economizers, CRAH and CRAC units, the heat-rejection method, power consumption records, and current costs. It even pinpoints the weakest links in a system. There’s nothing like it for sound decision-making. Any professional concerned about energy-consumption costs will sit up and take notice – from enterprise-class data center managers to energy and facility managers, COOs, CTOs, and CFOs. They’ll recognize the benefits of this data and how they can leverage it sell their proposals to funding authorities.” 2 Technology Connection invites data center managers to schedule an on-site facility analysis:
“Because we can break out options that address the ‘weakest links’ and most critical problems, clients can select a remediation path that fits their budget,” said Mike Howell. Based in Brighton, Michigan, Technology Connection presents the most comprehensive and accurate data models and solutions related to energy consumption at enterprise-class data centers and similar facilities. By providing accurate ROI projections and remediation options, Energy Sleuth offers the most cost-effective path to reduce energy costs, identify additional IT capacity, and protect IT operations. Website: Energy Sleuth™ is a trademark of Technology Connection.