Samurai Containment – Summary of Service Details

An IDEAL Solution for Data Center, Server Farm and Hot Spot Cooling

What Is Samurai Containment?

Technology Connection’s “Samurai Containment” is a revolutionary data center airflow management solution featuring turbulent flow technology that achieves similar results to traditional containment, but without the inefficient static nature of the physical structure. This is achieved through a unique combination of subfloor static pressure balancing, strategic turbulent flow vented tile placement, and intellectual properties. With the implementation of these steps, the result is a “cold air flood” in the cold aisle while achieving a proper Delta T between the cold aisle and ambient room temperatures.

  • High-density airflow panels deliver 2-3x more CFM than industry standard perforated airflow panels
  • 100% steel airflow panel with 1500-5000 lbs. load rating
  • Hardened textured finish with optional built-in actuating frame levelers and integrated panel handles
  • Patented Fit-All design fits into most existing raised access floor systems
  • Industry’s most flexible and low maintenance raised floor system